VOLTAGE DIPS 2006÷2008

The Italian System for Power Quality Monitoring of MV Distribution Networks

QUEEN is the web portal of the "Ricerca di Sistema" to get access and examine the results database of the ongoing monitoring campaign of power quality on MV distribution networks in Italy since 2006.

The public may have access into the website and ask for processing (AGGREGATED DATA) and reporting (AGGREGATION RESULTS) of the data only in terms of aggregation of the results of groups of MUs.

The Owners or Referents have also access (via LOGIN) to data recorded by the measurement equipment (MUs) of their competence. These data are available for any single measurement point. In particular displayable parameters that characterize the single disturbance of voltage (Interruptions, Dips, Swells, Voltage Variations) and trends on a weekly basis of the measured parameters (Voltage, Unbalance, Flicker, THDV, Voltage Harmonics).

The data retrieved from database are presented in tabular and graphic formats with reference to standard time.

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